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Electrical Service Upgrade in Jonesboro, GA

With home and business owners consuming more and more energy every year, it's often necessary to upgrade your electrical service to accommodate the extra demand. Air conditioners alone use more power than entire households did 30 years ago. And if you’re running a business or an institution, the need for reliable energy becomes all the more crucial. In order for your electrical equipment to function at its optimal capacity, it is absolutely essential to heavy-up, or upgrade, your electrical service. And Hygrade Electrical Services is a leading provider of such services in Jonesboro, GA.

Efficient, Dependable Electricians

At Hygrade Electrical Services, we've developed a time and cost-efficient electrical service upgrade process, which includes:

  • Permit acquirement
  • Removal of all existing equipment
  • Installation of new equipment such as cables and circuit breakers
  • Post-installation inspection and cleanup

Whether you need residential or commercial service, we can arrange for your upgrade. So when you need an electrical contractor you can count on, turn to Hygrade Electrical Services. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us today.


Ceiling fan Installation

We install all types, brands and sizes of ceiling fans outdoor and indoor.